About Us

Storage @ Tepuna is a privately owned business specializing in providing a solution to your storage problems.  

About Us We want to make storing as easy as possible for all our customers, All our storage units are modern, clean and secure.

Because we are owner operated  and live on site this gives customers peace of mind.

Customers have  swipe card access , the facility has CCTV , security fencing and we are only a phone call away to provide assistance for any queries you may have.


Why Store with Us?

We've got all sorts of people storing all sorts of things at Storage @ Tepuna   People in between homes
Ideal for temporary storage if you're between homes.  With lots of storage unit size options.

Heading overseas
Off overseas and need somewhere to store your stuff long-term? Storage @ Tepuna has the perfect sized self storage units for you at prices that wont break the bank.

Those wanting their garage
Have you lost your garage? Move it into storage and reclaim that space! No more parking the car in the driveway watching it deteriorate in the harsh NZ weather.

Businesses storing records
Don't waste valuable commercial rental space using it for storage of your archived documents and records. Let Storage @ Tepuna take care of these with their specially designed facilities and racks for easy storage and retrieval.

Shops storing stock
Got another shipment coming in and not sure where to store it until you're ready? Storage @ Tepuna are the perfect secure storage facility with easy 24hour access.

Valuable, irreplaceable items 
Secure, dry and monitored facilities are perfect for storing irreplaceable items. On site security personnel, monitored cameras to keep  your treasures safe.

Decluttering to sell homes
Uncluttered homes look bigger and sell better - store your excess furniture and boxes with us while you're displaying your home to increase its ability to sell and the sense of spaciousness.

Kids left home?
Left over furniture and boxes of stuff you thought they'd take with them but didn't? Storage @ Tepuna can take care of it until they want it all back. Because you know they'll want it as soon as you throw it out!

  Keeping your self storage unit secure is our business, what you store is yours. Contact us!